Friday, August 14, 2009




    I want to take your attention to a serious and dangerous problem which is occurred here in the Nursing hostel of Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad to us. We inform the chief executive of the institute but he can’t take any action.
    So we think that now a day there is two major powers in Pakistan i.e. Media and Judiciary, which take action and hear the voice of the needless, hopeless people. So we decide to send this to you that you will help us and compel the chief executive of ATH to take action against this matter.
    We (Nurses) are the daughter of the nation and server here for human being, if this type of activities going here with us then what will we do and from whom we shall take help?
    The Problem is that a man whose name is
    Mr. Mujahid and call him self the Nephew of chief executive involve in the sexual activity with tutor Farzana (married woman but there husband leave them due to illegitimate activities) who leave in the Nursing hostal of ATH. Mujahid came to Hostel late at night and pass all the night with here, taking drinks there and if the security Guard want to stop him he say that I am the Nephew of Chief executive, So for that reason no one can dare to stop him.
    So now we have worry that here is no security for us a. We are belong to noble families. If all this is going where we go?
    Along with this illegitimate relation Farzana take money (bribe) from People and said them that they give job through the Nepew of Chief Executive.
    The relation of Farzana and Mujahid is start from the IDP’s Camp in SHAMANSOOR SWABI where they were fought in the one room at late night with no clothes.
    Mujahid and Farzana have deep Sexual and Mony relation and take this all because he said himself the Nephew of Chief Executive. We request to you that stop
    Mujahid and Farzana illegal activities which make us un-secure.
    If no one believe on this then take oath from mujahid and Farzana that they have contact to each other and Mujahhid visited to here room or not? Then all things clear on you.
    This is not the problem of us only but in fact this is the problem of your daughters.
    You put your self as a father and brother and then take decision and tell us what you should do that time?
    One day Allah ask you that I give you power how you use that?
    Then what will be your reply?
    We people suggest that you should confirm this News and then print this in Newspaper.
    We not disclose our name because of the security reason. That man is the Nephew of Chief Executive and he can do any thing. May be he stolen or respect.
    If this time there is no action taken we will strike, Press conference and go to the court.
    We demand for serious inquiry and action against this serious problem.
    Otherwise Mujahid and Farzana Loot the People.
    Mr Mujahid Ahmad is also involve in the Corrption of Perchase the computer Equipment on high rates and take mony in that.
    These equipment have no Record system

  2. In This Regard we Contact To the Chief Executive but he fail to take any Action Aganist These Person